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Assessor  -   Lawrence County Courthouse812-275-5405
 April Stapp Collins, County Assessor
     For answers to questions about property taxes
Tammie Jean, Shawswick Twnshp Assessor, includes City of           
Bedford, and town of Oolitic   -  916 15th St, Rm 20, Bedford, IN
Nancy Miller, Marion Twnshp Assessor, includes City of Mitchell
     7964 St. Rd 37, Bedford, IN


Auditor  -   Lawrence County Courthouse  812-275-3111
 Billy Tumey - County Auditor
For questions concerning the County's financial affairs. property records, or a County sale
Clerk  -  Lawrence County Courthouse812-275-7543

Myron D Rainey, Clerk

Marriage licenses, passports, child support payments, State tax payments, voter registration, polling locations, election information, absentee voting
Department of Community Corrections - Div of Dept of Probation 
An arm of the courts operating four programs: work crew, community service for adults, supervised community service for juveniles, and house arrest.
Department of Public Health - Located in Bedford Plaza on Mitchell Rd812-275-3234
 Birth certificates, MMR clinics, open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Emergency Management - Located at the Lawrence County Complex812-277-9680
 Valerie Luchauer
Manages the County Addressing Project, writes emergency operation plans for any disaster or emergency, provides flood zone information, information about any type of disaster but no legal aid
Family and Children Services 
 Questions about Child Support -- 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Information about Medicaid services
Report child abuse or neglect -- 24 hours/day
Report public assistance fraud for all programs -- 24 hours/day
Highway Department - Lawrence County Complex -- 7 a.m - 3:30 p.m.812-275-2644
 Maintains and repairs all county roads and bridges
Call to report trees or high water blocking the road
County Commissioners - Lawrence County Complex 812-275-2644
 Chris May, District 1
David Flinn
Bill Spreen
County Council  

Mike Branham
Steven Flores
Joe Ross
James R. Edwards
Gary Ross Jean
Keith Dillman

 Gene McCracken

County Engineer - Lawrence County Complex -
7 a.m - 3:30 p.m.
Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation District812-279-8117
 Marsha Ralston, District Coordinator  e-mail
Whitney Baldwin, Technician/Educator 
Shasta Woodard -  NRCS District Conservationist

Responsible for the protection, conservation, and wise use of the soil, water, and related natural resources within their boundaries.  Working cooperatively with federal, state, and local agencies and organizations. SWCDs bring educational, technical, and financial assistance to bear on the conservation problems of landowners and users.  A board of 5 local citizen supervisors (3 elected, 2 appointed) directs the efforts and activities of each SWCD.  Board of Supervisors:
Mike Spreen , Stephen E. Isom (Pete) (Vice Chairman),  Curtis McBride (Chairman), Mike Scherschel and Kyle Mason.

Lawrence County Solid Waste District-  LCSWD812-278-8845


 Ron Walker, District Director -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Provides waste disposal, recycling, composting and education concerning recycling
FAX 277-2032
 Michelle Woodward, Prosecutor
Child Support Division
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service 812-275-4623
FAX 275-4131
924 16th Street, Bedford, IN 47421-3824
 David Redman, County Extension Director, Ag and Natural Resources Extension Educator
Megan Hawk, 4-H/Youth Development Extension Educator
Recorder - Located in the Lawrence County Courthouse812-275-3245
 Jessica Allen, Recorder
Maintains copies of all records for the county.  Records Federal Tax liens.
Sheriff -- Emergency 911812-275-3316
 Sam Craig, Sheriff
Responds to all emergency calls within the County
Surveyor - Located in the Lawrence County Courthouse812-275-4124
 Michael Arena, County Surveyor
Maintains accurate property lines in the platt books
Township Trustees
 Bono - George Wilcox, 550 Wilcox Rd., Mitchell, IN 47446, BONO


 Guthrie - Nickie Hubbard, 1064 Grindstone Hollow Rd., Bedford, IN 47421


 Indian Creek - Roxi Robinson, 1150 Butterfly Lane, Bedford, IN 47421-


 Marion- Ilene Hardman, 905 West Main St., Mitchell, IN 47421


 Marshall - Susan Evans, 466 Old State Road 37N, Bedford, IN 47421


 Perry - Mary Phillips, 1464 Spencer Pike Road, Springville, IN 47421


 Pleasant Run - Michael S. Nicholson, 4561 Bartletsville Rd, Bedford, IN 47421


 Shawswick - Peggy Dorsett, 1016 16th St, Bedford, IN 47421


 Spice Valley - Sarah E. Hillenburg, 1203 Ridge Rd., Williams, IN, 47470


Treasurer - Located In the Lawrence County Courthouse812-275-2431
 Debbie Thompson, Treasurer
Veterans Administration - Located in the Lawrence County Courthouse812-275-6411
 Bill Baker, Administrator
Handles all veteran affairs in the county