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The Very Best Kids

As a Mom with five children, there have been times that I have been challenged to find some sort of activity to entertain my children.  As such, I am constantly on the look-out for sites that offer suggestions for these activities.  One activity my children love is cooking.  At Nestle's Very Best Kids, you can find suggestions for activities ranging from crafts to recipes to learning.  There is a wide range of activities that can satisfy many children who ask what they can do because they are bored!

Not Just Any Butterfly!

This has been a fascinating summer for my 5 year-old.    It started off with the biggest invasion of Japanese beetles I have ever seen, and is ending with the explosion of caterpillars that he is hoping will turn into butterflies flying everywhere!  His fascination not only lies with watching them, but identifying them.  This is where Monarch Watch comes in.  Not only can he learn about the Monarch life cycle, but he can learn how to raise Monarchs at home!  I just hope he does not get this interested in spiders!

The Best Science Learning Site!

School is just around the corner, but it is never too early to start thinking about homework help!  Or maybe you are home schooling and need a resource for science lessons.  Whether you are a student, teacher, or parent this site is great! has lots of information in all the major science subjects.  Not only do they have links to all the latest news in each topic, there are also lots of links to help guide you to the best science information on the net - NASA, EPA, NOAA, and colleges and universities.

Do Your Kids Like Art?

Whether you are a kid interested in art or a parent looking to supplement your child's education,  Art Kids is ths site for you!  Art history is covered in the ArtAges section. A Galleria is available to display your work online!  Think you know everything about art?    Maybe you should check your knowledge in their games area!  This is a great site to supplement a subject that is being taught less in school.

Summer Learning!

School is out, and the kids are happy to have summer vacation.     Just because school is out, don't expect your kids to keep themselves occupied the whole summer.  The inevitable "I'm bored!" will eventually rear its ugly head.  Arm yourself with information from Family Education's summer activity page.  Your kids can make up the ending of a story, take quizzes complete a reading list, or even start their own book club.  Parents are provided a variety of summer information resources, too!  Is travelling in your summer plans?    Don't forget to check out their Travel Journal information!

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